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Skeena News 23 – 25 March

March 25th, 2015 - steffen


Our first three days at Skeena has been great and entertaining with fresh Steelies for all the guys in our small 5 x Salmon Junkies group. Biggest Steelhead has so far been 1 x 12Lb 1 x 15Lb 1 x 16Lb 1 x 18Lb and 1 x 20Lb. Most of the time we have been blessed by the most fabulous weather with temperatures up to 15C. – Quite a different compared to last season. Yesterday I manage to land a cracking whopper that took me on a 300 meters thrilling and joy full ride downstream before I could beach the “beast”. The river is dropping daily after a heavy rainstorm than hit the area some weeks ago. As always we get spoiled daily at Pioneer lodge with brilliant food and general service. And let us NOT forget our outstanding Fishing Guides Sky, Scott, Steve and Kade – THANKS GUYS FOR ALL YOUR GREAT SUPPORT AND HELP.
Our “local weatherman” has promise cloudy and rainy weather the next days, so stay tuned for more news within soon.

Encouraging reports form Skeena

March 18th, 2015 - steffen


Skeena had a pile of rain late last week, almost 100 mm over two days, so the river has been up, but it’s on a dropping curve now. Prior to that, our test fishing has been very productive up to now according our OP. Manager Chad Black. During the next weeks we will get the Big fresh steelhead that push into pools to join the nearly year-long run. The Spring period is where you have the opportunity to connect with what is often the largest and freshest steelhead of the year. Follow us on and Facebook for reports and more cool stuff from Steelhead heaven.


Point Of No Return

March 16th, 2015 - steffen


For the true Salmon Junkies life can be distilled into two separate universes – Time spent on the river, and time spent off it dreaming. Where those worlds crash you’ve entered the realm of lifestyle.

Hoh Bo Spey Series – by Charles St. Pierre

March 13th, 2015 - steffen


This is a fly that could be fished on the swing for steelhead and salmon year round using anything from a Skagit head and a heavy sink tip to a full floating line and long leader.  Named after two legendary Pacific Northwest steelhead rivers and influenced by numerous northwest “Intruder” fly variations this fly was designed with a full calendar years worth of fishing in mind.  The ease with which this fly is cast along with its effectiveness and the variations of the depth control needed to fish effectively throughout the fishing year make it an ideal fly to fish for steelhead and salmon nearly anywhere at anytime

Tied on a 25 mm shank with a short looped trailer hook and using a blend of natural and synthetic fly tying materials, innovative Northwest steelhead, salmon, and spey casting angler Charles St. Pierre has created another unique fly that combines a medium size silhouette with amazing lifelike action.

The medium size profile allows this fly to attract and be seen by fish within a wide range of water and fishing conditions for winter, spring, summer, and fall fishing seasons.  The long and limp natural guinea, marabou, and Lady Amherst fibers create incredible lifelike action and are dressed lightly to allow maximum depth penetration quickly and efficiently.  The variations of synthetic dubbed body create contrast and brightness inside the fly silhouette while the body hackle supports the longer fibers for a broader silhouette and additional action.  Because this fly uses few materials and is lightly dressed to create its medium size profile and amazing action, it casts easily and efficiently with both single and double handed rods.

This style of fly and the color combinations used for this series have proven themselves to be extremely effective on many of the steelhead and salmon streams of the Northwest, British Columbia for years.

The photo above shows Pink Hoh Bo fly Franco Sirtori caught his 30Lb Skeena Steelhead last year in April

Final Count down for Skeena

March 11th, 2015 - steffen


In just 10 days we will be fishing for Skeena notorious monster Steelhead. Up to now the water and weather conditions has been perfect (pretty mild), so everything looks really good for our 3 groups

Fishing for these magnificent fish in the lower river, where they are fresh from the ocean, is the ultimate steelhead experience. The relatively low flows of late winter and early spring give the fly fisher access to classic runs, riffles and flat-water glides that are typically obscured by the higher, glacial flows of summer and fall. Here you will fish endless shallow water runs and miles of perfect flywater, and you can be sure that the first fly these fish see will be yours. This is your chance at the largest steelhead in the Skeena system at a time when they are in their best condition straight from the ocean. The biggest steelhead we landed in 2014 was a fabulous 30lb Chromer by Franco Sirtori.

Hereby a small info together with a “What to bring list”

Your Arrival Day

When you arrive at the airport in Terrace, a Nicholas Dean Outdoors staff member will greet you at the airport and drive you to Pioneer Fishing Lodge. The drive is about 20 minutes.

On your way to the PFL, you will be driven through downtown Terrace. In Terrace there are several stores to pick up personal items and drinks such as beer, wine and spirits. Just let the NDO staff member know what you need and you can pick it up on your way to the lodge.

When you arrive at PFL, you will be shown to your room where you can unpack and settle in. There is a wader room where you can organize your fishing gear and equipment in preparation for fishing the next day. After getting settled, dinner is served at 7 pm. (more…)

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