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A new summer season is about to start at Umba and Grand Varzuga

May 17th, 2015 - steffen

Varzuga 2014  Lufthavn i Kivorsk take off

Our wonderful and intensive summer season at Umba and Grand Varzuga is just short Spey casts away. Reports from the river have been encouraging, as we have been blessed by a cold winter that has secured a good snowpack in the backcountry. That should secure our fishing far into June if we get some dry weeks

For all the many Salmon Junkies traveling with us this summer, I want to say, that we really look forward to meeting all of you wonderful guys again – Good old friends as well as newcomers. I can assure you, that we at Salmon Junkies will do our best to provide you with an unforgettable and wonderful fishing trip to the best Atlantic salmon fishing. Salmon Junkies will of course keep our web page updated with week reports. So please stay tuned for reports and other cool stuff here on

Let The Show Begin

May 16th, 2015 - steffen


Varzuga river is settling in – That is wonderful news indeed. The big spring flood is just starting to drop off. The river is down a centimeter or two yesterday morning and it is looking much clearer. We expect the river will be pretty high next week when the fishing starts on Saturday evening in the lower section, but within a day or so it should now drop back to a much more manageable height.

Grand Varzuga will most likely be I perfect shape the 24 May when we start our season at Grand Varzuga – Now the 2015 season is only a short Spey cast away. Stay tuned for more news.

A few Statements – “We are Salmon Junkies”

May 15th, 2015 - steffen


During the last days I have received a tons of encouraging comments and statements from friends who have watched our new film “We are salmon Junkies” – Hereby some few statements




You have touched the essence of the heart and soul of the salmon angler. No more need said, but thank you.

Craig Lannigan Lewiston, Idaho Steelhead Junkie


Fantastic film Steffen, congratulations to Columbus on a great production, it brings back some great memories of Umba. When I’m out fishing now I can still hear you shouting at me “Cast square Kilian, cast square”.

Best regards. Kilian Mcdaid


I have downloaded the movie from Reelhouse today. Thanks for a wonderful heartfelt movie. IT really touched me. The Grand Varzuga looks really awesome. Thank you for been honest. See you next year in Russia. I go to Laerdal river in the middle of june this year to to get my fix. Have a really good day.

Regards! //Stefan


Hi Steffen

Watched the movie yesterday, it is just amazing.

It looks like you had a lot of work in the past months – The film is great and super good.

My best,

Uwe Kopp


I am impressed with your work Steffen. Lets talk when you are back.

Christer Sjöberg


Thank you Columbus! Now it worked and I have seen the fantastic film. Great job!

Tight Lines

Peter Mårtensson

The Varzuga river is unfrozen and flowing freely

May 13th, 2015 - steffen

Varzuga 2014 JunktionPool Panorama 2

The Varzuga river is unfrozen and flowing freely, however with ice coming down. The weather is pretty mild for the time of year. Overnight some light frost and air day temperature around pleasant 6 – 10⁰C. If the normal pattern prevails the river will stay high for some days and then slowly settle in and the great fun can begin.

Already now some of our staff members is preparing the Grand Varzuga camp with some painting and other important maintenance. Our two Danish fishing guides and I hope to be able to reach our wonderful Grand Varzuga camp next week by Helicopter, in order to set up the camp and make everything ready for the first group arriving 24 May

Great – Yet another season is about to start.

Stay tuned for more

We are Salmon Junkies – The Official Trailer

May 8th, 2015 - steffen


YEAH…Finally, its here after many months of preparation. The Atlantic salmon is known as the King of Fish. In the hierarchy of the river’s hidden world, it is top dog — swift and powerful, unpredictable and elusive, a sleek, stunning manifestation of nature’s grand design. Throughout the history of angling, for all who cast a fly, Salmo salar has been a shining prize. But for some, the salmon is more. For some, the Atlantic salmon is an object of obsession whose draw is so complete as to haunt every waking thought and fantasy. These most avid and passionate anglers are called “salmon junkies.”

Please watch full movie version here:

The last stronghold for wild Atlantic salmon lies in a remote corner of northwest Russia. Here, above the Arctic Circle in a vast and largely inaccessible land, a network of rivers remains largely intact — free from power dams, fish hatcheries and other interfering inventions of the developed world. Here, salmon exist as they have for millennia, each year returning from the sea to create a new generation. Similarly, each year from May to October, dedicated salmon junkies from the world over gather along these rivers to leave modern life behind, to live simply on the taiga and to pursue the King of Fish.

But the call goes beyond sport and relaxation; the exercise is not merely escape or privileged leisure. To be a dedicated salmon angler today, in the throes of the 21st Century, is to make a statement. For many, salmon angling has given birth to an environmental perspective and has enlivened a fight for cause. To search for wild salmon is to also champion the future of wild salmon and the health of the places they live. It is to foster and encourage efforts to preserve nature’s richness and its many wonders for our descendants.

We are Salmon Junkies is a mind-blowing, 60-minute ride into a world of Steffen Juhl, one of salmon angling’s most compelling characters and a bona fide salmon junkie. The film follows Juhl’s seasonal “lifecycle” and in so doing offers a fascinating look into an international subculture united in pursuit, protection and celebration of the iconic Atlantic salmon.

For anglers of all stripes — for anyone who cares about the future of Earth’s last wilderness places and their free-roaming inhabitants — for anyone enthralled with the magic of the natural world — We are Salmon Junkies is a must-see film.
Please watch full movie version here: