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Skeena: Super-sized steelhead and World record Chinook

October 30th, 2014 - steffen


We are now opening bookings for our spring Steelhead and Chinook program 2015, where we will be chasing the largest and meanest Steelhead and Chinook in the world.

We are very excited to announce that for 2015 we have secured full exclusivity for the European market.  That means you will now be able to fish Skeena mainstem and select tributaries in a full 6 day package in the company of some of the best and most hardcore Canadian Steelhead and Chinook guides available.

Skeena: super-sized steelhead and world record Chinook
Skeena. It is a powerful and evocative word. To the indigenous peoples of British Columbia’s north coast region it is the “River of Mists.” To fly fishers around the globe it is a dream destination offering nearly boundless opportunities to pursue what are among the largest sea-run fish on the planet.  In Skeena country early spring typically offers the year’s most dependable conditions for tempting Steelhead with a fly. During late March and early April, as winter gives way to spring, precipitation falls as snow on the ridges and the rivers remain at winter height; flowing low and green in the valley bottoms and warming slowly with each lengthening day.  The conditions are perfect for swinging big swimming flies on sinking tip lines and triggering the natural aggression of the Skeena’s legendary super-sized Steelhead.

Fly fishing for Chinooks is a full on activity and not for the fainthearted, but for fly fishers after the juiciest kicks in fresh water there is not much else to top it. Our test weeks in 2014 got us completely hooked and this adrenaline rush is now part of our program.  It should be on the CV of every Salmon Junkie. We will target the Kitimat, Copper, Kalum and Skeena rivers, depending on conditions. Skeena region Chinook average 20 to 40 pounds and range up to 80 pounds — and perhaps beyond. The Skeena’s biggest have been known to reach 100 pounds!


Best Spring Steelhead and Chinook Program on the Planet
Many people believe that the Skeena watershed is easily accessible with easy-going fishing, but that is not the case if you want to get to the fish. Many of the best rivers and spots are more or less impossible to access without a guide, and the only way to get there is by power full jet boat and local knowledge. Some of the most attractive rivers are licensed with limited access for only a small number of people. Salmon Junkies has access to all classified water plus well-selected numbers of coastal rivers. Skeena has become quite a popular destination, even more so after we launched our short movie, but to fish it requires extremely talented guides who can manoeuvre and pick the right spots for any given time or situation. We dare to say that we have the best team of Steelhead guides and they are willing to share their deepest secrets by leading you to the fish. There is a fine line between success and failure when fishing the Skeena and we have got it right.  That is exactly why we believe that Salmon Junkies has tailored the best Spring Steelhead and Chinook program on the Planet.

Award-winning Nicholas Dean Outdoors
For guiding and outfitting services to our Steelhead program we have partnered with award-winning Nicholas Dean Outdoors. They are based in Terrace and were named Fly Fusion Magazine’s Canadian Lodge of the Year for 2012!  Accommodation is at the Pioneer Fishing Lodge located just minutes west of Terrace.  It is a comfortable log cabin lodge offering an authentic, uniquely Canadian experience including all the luxurious touches you would expect from a premier world-class lodge. We welcome you at Pioneer Fishing Lodge.

What to expect? Steelhead. Why not watch our small movie and judge for yourself? Watch here


thanks to Salmon Junkies and the whole Umba crew

October 28th, 2014 - steffen

Umba 2014 718

August 2014 were my second Umba trip and the first Umba trip for my wife Beate. When I booked our week at Umba, I wasn`t sure if Beate would like this kind of fishing trip fishing / adventures, but I took the chance anyway. After some amazing days in Moscow on Beate’s birthday, we reached Umba Lodge via Murmansk early Saturday morning. Your new bus is “State of the art” compared to the old bus. Now the transport to Umba is easy and without any problems at all. After we arrived to the fantastic Umba Lodge we got our nice and clean room and fell asleep very fast. Saturday around noon we started the fishing, and after a while Beate had her first breathtaking Umba Salmon around 14 Ibs. The fishing wasn`t easy that day, particular on the lower beats. Now we understand why the Atlantic Salmon is called “ the fish of thousand casts”. However the next 3 days we fished the Krivetz with fantastic success. We got plenty of salmons between 8 Lb to 15 Lb in all the Krivetz pools with some smaller fish in the 6 Lb range, but it was good fun as I was using my #6 switch rod. Day 4: Back into the lower Umba section where I had a nice pike at the left side of home pool. 10 minutes later I hooked and lost a monster Salmon straight under our jet boat. Next days we were back in Krivetz. We enjoyed tremendous the walks up through the peaceful beautiful forest, and I still remind these walks with pleasure. That day our best fishing was in Island pool where we landed four salmon within 50 minutes – that was a incredible afternoon. Last day during the afternoon I decided to smoked a cigar and relaxed at the bank of the amazing office pool. Suddenly Beate asked me to wade out in Office to do five cast with a Billy Butt fly attached to my nylon – Not Four or six cast, but five cast. I started to swing my fly through the fast inlet water in the top section of Office pool. All who have fished office pool knows, that this pool is not easy. In my fifth cast a very hard pull came and I was suddenly into a furious Salmon fight in one of the toughest and most demanding salmon pool in the world. That salmon went three times into the rapids below the pool, of course with a lot of backing line, but 25 minutes later I could maneuver a fresh silver 15 Ibs salmon into the net – What a wonderful way to finish a brilliant fishing week at Umba.

Beate and I want to express our thanks to you and the whole Umba crew – we will be back for sure

Beate & Uwe Kopp


Umba 2014 455

Trails in a Wild Frontiers

October 27th, 2014 - steffen


Trails in a Wild Frontiers – A “Must have book” written by long termed friend and Salmon Junkie Mr. Lee Hartman

Lee´s new book contains wonderful stories from Umba and an entire chapter dedicated to our common friend, Umba camp-manager Nick Podolsky who sadly passed away last year.

Trails in a Wild Frontier is a fascinating story about the early American angling pioneers exploring uncharted rivers in a once-forbidden land. When newly elected Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev declared perestroika in 1986, Russia’s once locked border, closed since the 1918 communist revolution, suddenly opened to foreign travel. Rumors of giant fish in Soviet Russia began to circulate in the American fishing community. Soon after an American businessman sensed an opportunity to establish sport fishing there. With the help of National Trout Unlimited, the American contingent led a series of meetings with Soviet officials until an agreement was reached to allow the exploration of rivers in the wild expanse of the Russian republic. In this book Lee Hartman takes you on a thrilling journey in a wild frontier of Siberia, the Kola peninsula and Kamchatka, on a mission to explore and open up the last great salmon and wild trout fishery on the planet.

About the Author: Lee Hartman, born in the coal region in northeast Pennsylvania, now lives along the Upper Delaware River in Equinunk, Pennsylvania. A staunch conservationist, Lee co-founded Friends of the Upper Delaware River, an organization that is actively engaged in protecting the cold-water habitat in the Upper Delaware watershed. He currently serves as Chairman of the Delaware River Committee for PATU and has received congressional recognition for his conservation efforts in the community. Lee also owns World Angling Travels and host anglers to great fly fishing destinations throughout the world. Lee Hartman was one of the first Americans to explore the uncharted rivers in Siberia and the Kola Peninsula. Today the Kola rivers are an extremely popular fly-fishing destination for Atlantic salmon that attracts anglers from all over the world. Lee continues to travel to Russia to fish for those leaping silver bullets.

Lee –Thanks for using my photos in your great book. I feel privileged to know you.

Lee Hartman´s new book “Trails in a Wild Frontiers” can be ordered here


Winter arrived to Umba

October 21st, 2014 - steffen


The last three days of the season became cold with frosty nights under the full moon. During the days both air- and water temperatures dropped to 3 degrees C. But water level s stayed surprisingly stable and the big chrome osankas continued running. After catching the biggest fish of the week – and his biggest salmon ever – weighing 27 lbs in Long Pool Matin Gerber from France got another big fish at 19 lbs in Little Red Pool on a Silver, Orange & Brown tube, and his partner Ken Poicelet got three nice fish in Long Pool at 14, 12 and 10 lbs on a Black & Yellow Leech. Willy Forstinger from Austria had a memorable Thursday at the Lower Umba landing five salmon up to 16 lbs fishing a Beiss Tube, while Marco Wacker from Schwitzerland had a 15 lb salmon in Home Pool on Red Frances and a 14 pounder in Brads Pool on a classic Red Butt. German biologist, Michael von Siemens, did also very well the last three days with his single handed rod and landed Wednesday a fresh 15 lb in Little Red Pool on a Green Highlander, Thursday a 17 lbs from Golden Pool and the last day of the season he landed three fish.  One in the morning in Upper Rat Pool at 18 lbs an two in the afternoon in Home Pool weighing 12 and 6 lbs. All fish on a Sunray Shadow. His Austrian partner Andreas “Andy” Bachler, used the same concept and landed a beauty at 22 lbs – his biggest salmon ever. Also Erik Cullin from Sweden did extremely well with fish weighing 20 lbs (his second for the week), 16 lbs, 15 lbs, 10 lbs ans 8 lbs on his favourite fly Franc ‘n Snelda. Biggest salmon this week was 13 between 10-14 lbs, 12 Salmon between 15-19 lbs, 4 Salmon between 20-24 and Martins the jewel in the crown.

During the last night the first snow was slowly covering the ground – a good timing for the final week.

Biggest salmon this fall was 142 Salmon between 10Lb. and 14Lb. 78 Salmon between 15Lb and 19Lb. 36 salmon between 20lb and 24 Lb. 2 Salmon between 25Lb and 29 Lb. 2 Salmon between 30Lb and 34Lb – A fine result considering we had very low water conditions for the second year in a row.

Salmon Junkies wants to express our deepest thanks to all our many wonderful guests and dear friends that came to Umba and Grand Varzuga in 2014. Without you there would be no Salmon Junkies – only Junkies. The booking for 2015 have already for a while been up in full speed, so please do not hesitate to contact if you want to secure a rod for next season.

Greetings from Heinz Pape

October 17th, 2014 - steffen

Umba 2014

Hello Steffen

I would like to thank you and your Umba team for a great time at the Umba Lodge this autumn. During many years I have been fishing this wonderful place, and today Umba has become a very important part of my fishing life. Despite the difficult conditions and the low water level in my first week this season, I caught 13 beautiful fish in this week – A result that speak for itself.

Whenever I fish Umba river I always have the feeling that the next fish can be a 20 pounder or bigger, as the opportunity is always there.

Like in the previous years, I was lucky enough to reach the magic 20 pound mark again this year – incredible and really wonderful.

I am already looking forward to the autumn in 2015. Please book me in.

Greetings from Lauterbach

Heinz Pape

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