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If you are chasing the biggest and most ferocious Salmon in the world, two things goes hand in hand – Skeena river and Joe Saracione´s matchless fly reels

June 29th, 2016 - steffen


The new Saracione MARK V Salmon reel is the latest refinement in the evolution of the famous MARK series reels. New is a totally sealed Carbon Fiber drag system. The system incorporates two proprietary seals operating on the rotating shaft; a primary and secondary seal to ensure a truly sealed drag chamber.

The spool rides on two sets of precision stainless steel radial ball bearings and two sets of precision stainless steel axial ball bearings for super smooth operation. Joe Saracione has incorporated a strong gear and pawl drag to help control spool overrun at low disc drag settings and to provide a loud audible click on both incoming and outgoing spool operation. Further design refinements resulted in a weight reduction of 20% as compared to its predecessor the MARK IV Salmon reel. All MARK V reels feature a solid side plate and spool for a more classic look, and all models are anodized Silver and Black as our standard color combination. Finally Joe Saracione lubricate the MARK V with special oils and grease to operate trouble free in sub-freezing temperatures for extreme winter salmon and steelhead fishing. Production is limited and reels are available factory direct only.

Specifications on the two most popular models Old MARK IV / New MARK V reel

The old Saracione MARK IV Model 3 ½”: Weighted 12.5 ounces.

NOW the NEW model MARK V weighted 10 Ounces. This model designed for single hand salmon and steelhead rods in the 7,8 and 9 weight class. Also a perfect choice for lighter two handed rods in 5, 6 & 7 weights, and of course switch rods. It is a truely “Crossover reel”.

The old Saracione MARK IV Model 3 ¾” Weighted 14.4 ounces.

NOW the NEW model MARK V weighted 11,5 Ounces. The 3 ¾” is the most popular salmon and steelhead reel. Anglers from all over the world have shown that this is their reel of choice. The spool capacity accommodates some of the most popular line weights, and the reel balances well on the latest 12ft to 13 1/2ft rods.

For more info please visit or if you want to see a Saracione reel in some hot action please watch our latest salmon film teaser “We are Salmon Junkies”

Salmon Junkies are moving boundaries – The biggest Sea Run Char in the world

June 21st, 2016 - steffen


The Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) is found in Arctic and sub-Arctic waters all across the northern hemisphere. It grows to an exceptionally large size and is especially abundant in northern Canada and in the clear and unpolluted waters of the Canadian Arctic. Nowhere does it grow to a larger size than in Nunavut’s Kitikmeot region of the Canadian Central Arctic. Superb fishing for Arctic char can be found throughout this vast region, but truly special among hundreds and hundreds of rivers and lakes is the little known Ekaluk River in the Cambridge Bay area of Victoria Island.

Camp Ekaluk – Thirty minutes by float plane from Cambridge Bay and located on a bluff overlooking the river estuary, Camp Ekaluk is a true wilderness camp consisting of four 12 x 12 guest sleeping cabins plus staff/guide quarters, a separate mess hall/kitchen, hot shower and outhouse/pit toilet.

The camp location offers a stunning view of the surrounding landscape and beyond to the fabled Northwest Passage. From camp, guests are within walking distance of all river right fishing beats in the five miles between Lake Ferguson and the estuary.

The camp generates electricity and cabins are all wired with an overhead light and 110V outlet. For warmth, cabins are equipped with thermostat controlled propane heaters. (Propane supply limits use to evening prior to sleeping and morning after waking.) Each cabin accommodates three guests and features three sleeping platforms with pads. Water for drinking and washing comes from the river and each cabin includes a water jug and washing dish. The mess hall/kitchen accommodates all guests and staff/guides in one sitting and serves as a social gathering place in between meals. A satellite telephone, as well as an HF radio provides reliable communication to the outside world, if needed.

The Ekaluk river – The Ekaluk originates from Ferguson Lake and empties into the Arctic Ocean in Wellington Bay. It is the principal migration route for Arctic Char returning from the ocean to inland spawning grounds in and around the lake. A medium-sized river with many rapids, runs and pools, the Ekaluk is fishable along its entire length and ideally suited for the true Salmon Junkie. Fishing the Ekaluk is now a yearly event and a guarded secret for a number of repeat guests from all over the world. To minimize environmental impact, to safeguard the well-being of the fish stock on the river and to provide for a pleasant and uncrowned fishing experience, the number of anglers per week on the Ekaluk river is limited to a maximum of only twelve rods.

What can I expect to catch when fishing a river teeming with large and very aggressive sea run Arctic char? – The fish start to trickle in from the ocean by mid-August each year, and during a couple of weeks well in excess of 80.000 silver bright fish (DFO Statistics) in absolute prime condition enter the Ekaluk river. Landing two, three or even four big char per hour (yes, per hour) is “the norm”.

The average char measures between twenty-seven to thirty inches in length and weighs in at around eight to ten/eleven pounds.

A great number of char are between thirty and thirty-three inches in length. Be prepared to battle such twelve to fourteen pound char on a regular basis. Huge fish in excess of thirty-four/five inches in length, weighing sixteen/seventeen pounds or better are by no means uncommon and are landed every season.

Join us in 2017 for a unique adventure and opportunity to test your experience and skills against the King of All Northern Game Fish – the Sea run Arctic char.

For more info contact Steffen Juhl –


Are you ready for the most exciting, adrenaline filled fly fishing available in the Pacific Northwest? If so, this is the trip for you!

June 10th, 2016 - steffen


A unique opportunity: Fish the Skeena for the biggest and strongest Steelhead on the planet during prime period. Simply put, British Columbia’s Skeena River is a super fish superhighway — a thoroughfare for the largest Salmon & Steelhead in the world. During fall the lower main channel of the Skeena hosts vast numbers of migrating Steelhead headed for numerous upriver tributaries.

The Steelhead fishing on the Lower Skeena is unparalleled. Renowned rivers such as the Babine, Kispiox, Sustut, Bulkley, Morice, Copper and Kalum enter the Skeena above our camp and all fish bound for these rivers must pass directly in front of us before reaching their spawning grounds. Only a day or two out of the ocean, at the peak of their size, strength and beauty, these are among the biggest and most aggressive Steelhead on earth. To hook one of these fish on the fly in the broad Lower Skeena is to touch the heart of the wilderness — an experience not to be forgotten! The scenery at Skeena is nothing short of spectacular – soaring, snow-capped mountains, a large wild river, numerous waterfalls and abundant wildlife are your backdrop as you cast for the Skeena’s legendary wild Steelhead.

Many people believe that the Skeena watershed is easily accessible with easy-going fishing, but that is not the case if you want to get to the fish. Many of the best rivers and spots are more or less impossible to access without a guide, and the only way to get there is by powerful jet boat and local knowledge. Not for forget that some of the most attractive rivers or stretches are licensed with limited access for only a small number of people. Salmon Junkies has access to all classified water. To fish for fall Steelhead requires extremely talented guides who can manoeuvre and pick the right spots for any given time or situation. We dare to say that we have the best team of Steelhead guides and they are willing to share their deepest secrets by leading you to the fish.

Great fly water, aggressive fish, abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery make for a great wilderness experience.

Following rods are available in prime period

Sept 4-10               two rods

Sept 18 – 25           two rods

October 9-15          six rods

October 16-22        six rods

If you need another satisfying dose of the good stuff, I encourage you to join our groups. The landscape, the people, the wildlife, and of course the fishing, make for an unforgettable and consistently remarkable experience. As your host, I’ll do my best to guarantee you have the best trip possible.

Feel free to consult with me any time

Best wishes

Steffen Juhl –


If only the Rod Rack could tell stories!

June 2nd, 2016 - steffen

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Mr. Bob Clay

May 30th, 2016 - steffen


Riverwatch Rods

One of the coolest and most respectful guys in the Salmon and Steelhead community – The environmentalist, rod builder and former Steelhead Fishing guide Mr. Bob Clay.

Bob have made a living handcrafting bamboo fly rods from his home in the beautiful Kispiox Valley. Bob has been steelhead fishing the Kispiox River, a tributary of the Skeena River, for more than 40 years.

Bob´s famous rods are crafted on the banks of the Kispiox River (tributary to Skeena river), one of the worlds premier steelhead streams in BC. Riverwatch bamboo fly rods are a continuation of the tradition of the great rod builders of yesteryear. Bob Clay use some of their time tested methods but also mix brand new procedures to build the finest fishing and casting rods available on the market.

There are lots of rods out there, so what makes a Riverwatch rod something you’d like to own? It has to do mostly in the way it casts and feels, however it also has to do with the way it looks. A rod reflects the ideas of the builder. Is he a good fisherman? And maybe more importantly, is he a good caster and a good judge of how the rod performs?  Can he tell by casting and experience how to adjust the taper and construction to achieve the results he desires?

Bob Clay try to build bamboo rods that are light, sensitive and responsive. “I would like to think these rods build on the tradition of the rod builders of the past. And that with modern techniques, equipment and materials that we have now are forwarding the quest.”

Watch Andrew Hardingham´s outstanding small film about Bob, his life and his family.

Please Note: Riverwatch Rods are designed and hand crafted by Bob Clay and are only available through him – Visit Bob´s web page –

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