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Umba Week report 26 September – 3 October

October 5th, 2015 - steffen


Almost each morning there was a cold and crunchy winter message along the river, and daily we could hear the migrating whopper swan high above us. In spite of October coming up, the Osanka salmon were still climbing the rapids of Krivetz and they will continue to do so after the ice has put a lid on the river.

Some few highlights from the past week. Krivetz was once again a big part of the game and most anglers in the group enjoyed spectacular fishing there. For Umba veteran, Kai Welle, his last week at the river will probably be a bittersweet memory since he midweek hooked and landed a beautiful 17Lb Umba whopper in Secret pool. Two days’ later Kai hooked a very big salmon that showed him no mercy. It was in Golden Pool he hooked this very big fresh salmon. The fight started with a brutal and furious long run that stripped Kai´s Saracione reel for more than 150 meters of line. This nerve-cracking scene went on for a few but very long seconds before the monster finally decided to set in a fearsome attack, when it went around a big rock in the middle of the river…and unfortunately the nylon leader broke .

Danish Peder Langkjær managed for the second time to crack a Thirty Pounder. In 2012 he landed a 34Lb Salmon in Golden Pool during his first visit to Umba. And this last week he did it again – In Pine pool he hooked a magnificent salmon that took Peder on a thrilling 400 meters ride down to Island pool where his guide Farit could net and scale the “Beast”. Peder was using a small Thunder & Lightning tube fly Zonker style fished on a Skagit Line and a T 8 Sinking tip. As an extra twist to the hole story is that Peder caught his fish on a self-made fly reel similar to the famous Hardy Perfect reel. 32 Lb of true autumn-silver was the unforgettable prize.

For French Alain Guioton, who visited Umba for the first time, Island pool will probably go into his heart and memory for the rest of his life. He managed to hook and land two super fresh Umba Salmon on 17Lb and 22 Lb.

In spite of three sunny weather which made it difficult for us, almost all rods in the group got their fresh Twenty pounder last week, meaning that our lovely Umba Logde was witness to a lot of vodka-celebrations last week because of new members in the “20 Lb Club”.

Largest fish were following:

8 Salmon between 10Lb – 14Lb

7 Salmon between 15Lb – 19Lb

5 salmon between 20Lb – 25Lb

1 Salmon 32Lb

Best flies were following:

Red Butt, The Cascade, Thunder and Lightning, Sunray Shadow style flies fished on floating lines and various sinking tips.

Stay tuned for more Umba News

32 Lb fresh Umba Whopper

September 30th, 2015 - kaare


Danish Peder Langkjær manage yesterday for the second time to crack a Thirty Pounder. In 2012 Peder manage to land a 34lb Salmon in Golden Pool during his first visit to Umba. Yesterday Peder did it again – In Pine pool he hook a magnificent salmon that took Peder on a thrilling 400 meters ride down to Island pool where his Guide Farit could net and scale the “Beast”. Peder was using a small Thunder & Lightning tube fly Zonker style fished on a Skagit Line and a T 8 Sinking tip. An extra twist to the whole story is that Peder caught his fish on a self-made fly reel similar to the famous Hardy Perfect reel.


Stay tuned,




Umba week report 19 – 26 September

September 27th, 2015 - kaare


The trees where still dressed up carnival style and another bunch of Umba Whoppers had to bite the dry grass along the Umba banks this week. The mixed group of “hard-core” Umba hardcore anglers found the Umba river in perfect shape, with plenty of water in all the pools

One of Umba’s many grandmasters Mr Clive Bruton is known as a skillful and very persistent salmon angler with many big fish under the belt. Already first day he launched together with Paul De Quincy a true artillery offensive and at the end of the week Clive could record 1 x 17Lb 2 x 18Lb 2 x 2oLb 1 x 22Lb as his biggest, and for Paul 1 x 16,5Lb and 3 x 18Lb – Pure Salmon magic and for sure a lot of “Red 20Lb club festivities” in the evenings.

Our German Spey Junkie Christopher Meyer´s 4” Hardy Bougle was put on a hard test in legendary Office and Pine pool, where Chris managed to crack two magnificent Salmon on 18Lb and 22Lb. Well done Chris and congratulation with the Red 20Lb hat.


Danish Jan Lohmann who visited Umba for the first time managed to twist 12 Salmon out of Umba clear water with a 15Lb silver torpedo as the biggest. However it was small compared to the broadsided beast that “Kissed” Jan´s fly in Little Red pool a dark late afternoon. As a big White Shark it chased Jan´s fly several meters in the water surface. What a nerve racking fight that could have been in the Powerful “Little Red pool”. Several Umba whoppers was seen Head and tailing through the pools the last part of the week – Obviously some of Umba´s legendary big Fall fish was pushing through, but encouraged by the extraordinary warm water to reach to upper part of Umba river most of them disappeared into the Backcountry.

In spite of we are near end of September the weather is still unusual warm and mild. The water temperature is odd 13 degree C. Mosquitoes and Black flies are still around. As a small twist we have daily been able to watch a very high numbers of Brown Bears along the riverbank. Glorious memories to be bring back home and even more tales for next year around the fireplace in the mighty Umba Lodge

Largest fish was following:

11 Salmon between 10Lb – 14Lb

11 Salmon between 15Lb – 19Lb

4 salmon between 20Lb – 25Lb

Best flies in size 8 – 6 were following: The Podolsky, Red Butt, The Cascade, Black Sheep, Thunder and Lightning fished on floating lines and light sinking poly tips

All in all – and in spite of the warm “Late summer” weather – a lovely Umba Autumn week in a super company of true gentlemen.

Stay tuned for more:)

All the best,

Kåre Lundquist



September 21st, 2015 - steffen


Sunny and very warm weather
Usually  the second part of September means cold and rainy weather but that has not been the case this season. Last week we were suffering from extremely sunny and warm weather with temperatures up to 25 C  the first four days but in spite of these conditions we managed to land a number of exceptional and fantastic Umba whoppers.

On our bonus day  (the extra day our guests get for free) – anything can happen and that was also the case last Saturday. Umba veteran Eskild Dan Nielsen manage to land a superb 22 lb buck in Office pool just after he lost another super salmon estimated to 25 – 28 lb,  also in Office pool. Columbus Leth managed to land a cracking 18 lb chrome in Upper Rat pool during our bonus day as well as getting beaten by another big salmon. Already the next day Columbus was into some hot action again with a 22 lb super chromer from Doctor´s pool. During the first part of the week there was no sign of any changes in the weather until Wednesday when clouds where spotted and more favourable weather was inbound.

During the last part of the week we were blessed with good fishing caused by cloudier and colder weather that gave fresh fish to all in the group. On our last day rain and colder weather clearly pushed some whoppers into the river. Again it was Eskild and Columbus that was blessed with a 22 lb and 24,5 lb. Columbus Leth´s 24,5  lb salmon was caught on a 12′ # 6 Switch rod and a small Thunder and Lightning variant tied on a size 6 double-hook. On the last day Ole Thomsen was into some hot action in Upper Rat pool, shortly after he had landed a nice smaller fresh salmon, he was stripped for 150 meters of backing line in some few hectic seconds – wondering if Ole ever will forget that fish!


Largest fish this week
19 salmon between 10 lb – 14 lb
7 salmon between 15 lb – 19 lb
4 salmon between 20 lb – 25 lb

Best flies: The Podolsky, Red Butt, The Cascade, Thunder and Lightning and Sunray Shadow – fished on floating lines and light sinking poly tips

The last five weeks on the Kola Peninsula has been very dry but luckily for us a good water level on Umba is secured by the big lakes in the upper part of the back country.

Umba Week Report D. 5 – 12 September

September 13th, 2015 - kaare


September is a spectacular period in Umba with autumn colors making fantastic scenery for the eye and the camera. There is simply nothing that beats Umba during this period. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side last week, with tropical heat and sunny days that gave us far to warm water temperatures. However, it did not turn down our group that visited Umba last week, and with Illtyd Griffith leading all the way, we managed to land some really nice Super Chromes. Umba Veteran David Jap was the first in the group that manage to crack a fantastic 22 Lb Whopper in Doc Pool day one. Shortly after Illtyd Griffith managed to pull out a magnificent 23Lb super torpedo also from Doc pool. Later during the week Michael Mulbjerg and Günther Steidl could join the 20 Lbs Club with two silvery and broadsided beasts, that made it possible to join our20 Lbs Club and Hall of fame in the mighty Umba Lodge.

Also worth to mention is Stephanie Kliem who managed to land 7 salmon during the week. A week that was her third salmon trip ever – Well come in the club Stephanie:)


Autumn time at Umba is the time where we do a lot of socializing in the long evenings in front of the fireplace. This is the time for talk and tales around the big cozy fireplace in the lodge. “The huge salmon that was lost” or “The beautiful ones that was caught”; “The bears that was seen only 100 feet away walking along the river bank with its cops”….  Autumn in Umba is a very special time of the year indeed.

Largest salmon caught was the following:

16 salmon between10Lbs – 14Lbs

7 salmon between 15 Lbs – 19Lbs

4 salmon between 20Lbs – 24Lbs

All the fish was caught on Floating lines combined with a 10 feet sinking tip.


Best flies was Red Butt, Ally´s Shimp, The Cascade and The Beast-master in size 6 – 8. In spite if the dry and warm weather, we still have a good water level, and hopefully the weather will change to more normal autumn conditions

More to come








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