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Four “Must have “ flies for the upcoming Autumn season at Umba

July 30th, 2014 - steffen


The Cascade salmon fly pattern has caught thousands of fish in recent years and has become one of the most successful flies for Atlantic salmon. Fishing one the many Famous Russian Salmon river it is a  “Must” to have in the “ammunition box”. I estimate that the Cascade fly score more than 60 percent of our total catch at the Grand Varzuga

The Cascade can produce fish in almost any conditions and at any time of year. In the summer tiny flies tied on size 12 hooks or even smaller doubles will take fish in the lowest water. When the water is higher or colder, larger sizes or single, double up to size 2. For really high and cold water tube fly versions tied on plastic, aluminum or brass tubes are successful from the earliest days of spring and again for very late autumn fishing.

The Cascade

  • Tail: Hot Orange & Yellow Bucktail with clear Krystal hair.

  • Body: Silver medium oval tinsel rib.

  • Wing: Black Fox, maybe with some silver Krystal Hair blended into the wing.

  • Collar hackles: yellow & hot orange.

  • Head: black thread or varnish
  • Hook: Double hook 6 – 8


The Boyo fly – by Umba veteran Illtyd Griffiths (more…)

The Podolsky fly

July 24th, 2014 - steffen


Last year in August just a couple of dasy before I was heading Kola for our fall season at Umba I got a idea for a new fly – A fly I wanted to honour late Nick Podolsky. Our Umba camp manager and my dear friend during many years. During six weeks The Podolsky fly produced 45 salmon for my rod. Biggest Salmon was 3 x 15Lb. 2 x 17Lb. 1 x 18Lb. 3 x 20Lb. 1 x 22 Lb and 1 x 25Lb.

“The Podolsky fly”

  • Hook: Double Hook 6 – 8
  • Tail: Kingfisher blue Polar Bear or Bucktail, mixed with 2-4 strain of Krystal Flash in color Pearl Blue (notice that the tail should have the same length as the fly, or a bit longer
  • Body: Braided Silver Tinsel.
  • Wing: Black Polar Fox (Wing is not a must)
  • Hackle: Black Hackle and Orange front Hackle

Try it and have fun out there

Great news from Umba

July 20th, 2014 - steffen


Photo above shows “The Bar” in front of the lodge right now – The stone Bar is still under water

Umba camp manager Igor Kryzhopolskiy mailed me yesterday a small report from Umba river. In spite of warm weather in the Tersky region (Southern part of Kola peninsula), we still have more water in the river than normal (This caused by the big flood we had this spring). This is indeed very good news for our upcoming autumn season that will start 16th August. Igor also reports that a good run of very big salmon entered the river end of June, and right now Igor are daily watching plenty of fresh summer salmon jumping in Home pool in front of our wonderful Umba lodge.

Grab a great opportunity to secured one of the last open rods we have available in 2014 – 16/8 – 23/8 August. For more info contact Steffen at

Salue Steffen

July 17th, 2014 - steffen


Back home now – Today I manage to take a serious look at all the pictures of my wonderful trip to Grand Varzuga and Umba for the first time. At the end of this week I made CD`s with some of the best pic`s and sent it to you. It was really great to fish Grand Varzuga with you – please sent special regards to Umba manager Orla, and Grand Varzuga fishing guides Andreas and Mark.

Tight lines:

Andreas Witt / Switzerland

Thanks Orla for a great Umba week

July 15th, 2014 - steffen


I hope that you made it home safely Orla. We had a relaxing day in Kirkenes with
 Mark, eating snacks and watching TV, memorizing our week at wonderful Umba. I have enclosed a Photo of one of my Umba salmon from this season. I would like 
to thank you for being such an excellent camp manager and a nice person, it
was a pleasure to meet you at Umba. I will
 send you some more photos, and I will send them separately like you requested. I
hope we will meet soon again.

Best regards

Martin Honkanen

Ps. Have enclosed photo showing my friend Mark Kumlin with a nice June whopper from Umba (see photo above).

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