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A circle is beautiful complete.

April 15th, 2014 - steffen


Photo: A young Daniel Podolsky sitting below his father Nick Podolsky

We at Salmon Junkies are very happy to announce that Daniel Podolsky have decided to join our team at the Umba Lodge after several years working at Ryabaga camp at Ponoi. Daniel is son of late Head guide, camp manager and environmentalist Nick Podolsky.
In the late 90s as a young kid Daniel Podolsky came to Umba Lodge where Daniel obversely showed a great interest for Spey casting, and with some few hours casting instructions under the belt, he took off and became one of the most skill full spey casters I ever have see. Daniel became also soon a important member of the guide group at Umba 2000 and 2001. Now after several years at Ponoi, Daniel have decided to return to his beloved Umba river, where we will greet him warm welcome. A circle is beautiful complete.

5/4 – 12/4 – Last week at the mighty Skeena

April 14th, 2014 - steffen

L1050041 kopi

After weeks with super low water conditions and very cold weather, we suddenly got warmer weather last Sunday. With more than 140mm rain within 48 hours, we blew out from the Skeena mainstem. Thanks to the many difference water systems we have access to, we manage to land some unforgettable big Steelhead during the second part of last week. Most memorable team catch was Michel Norman and Thomas Granhof´s double hook up two day in a row. In total Michel and Thomas manage to land 10 big Steelhead between 12 Lb to 18 Lb. Friday morning Ulrik Bentzen got a super steelie also measured to 18 Lb – Ulrik´s fish was a result of determined fishing strategy, well supported by some high volume “Russian thinking juice” the evening before. At Salmon Junkies we always try to think outside of the box. We have developed Atlantic salmon programs that are among the best in the world today. We have some of the best spring Steelhead fishing available, and in that tradition we are now tailoring one of the best Chinook programs on the market. We are very excited to announce that in 2015 we will offer prime Chinook weeks for all Junkies, where you will be able to fish Skeena mainstem and select tributaries in a full 6-day package in company of some of the best and most hardcore Canadian Chinook and Steelhead guides available. On top of all this we will be providing you with first class accommodation and gourmet dining at Pioneer Fishing Lodge managed by Jezz and Pip Crosby truly amazing people.

We at Salmon Junkies wants to thanks our partner and host Nicholas Dean Outdoors and Pioneer lodge for three unforgettable weeks, and we look very much forward to continue and expand our partnership in the future to come.

Memories from Skeena

April 7th, 2014 - steffen

L1040917 (more…)

Almost world record Steelhead on fly

April 7th, 2014 - steffen


Our second week here at then Skeena has come to an end. Last week will of course be remembered for Franco Sirtori´s fantastic 43 inch Steelhead (Almost world record Steelhead on fly). Franco Sirtori have been fishing for Steelhead for many years in the upper section of the mighty Skeena system, and have caught many big Steelhead. But to break the 30 Lb barrier for Steelhead is something very special, and comparable to catch a 45 – 50 Lb Atlantic Salmon. Once again a big congratulation to Franco – YOU really deceived that magnificent fish! Beside Franco´s trophy fish, we also managed to land Steelhead in some of our many other tributaries we can fish. Mike Spurlock and Jeff Bright from San Francisco had a blast Friday afternoon where they manage to land 11 Steelhead up to 12 lb. during some few hours fishing. During last week most of the Steelhead we landed was been between 10 – 18 Lb  – all super chrome dynamite packages, that almost tear you gear apart and stripped your reels from line. Terry Nab from Idaho lost Friday a whopper that pulled him around for almost 30 minutes and stripped him for hundred of meters of line – just when it was ready to be landed the fly came out. Most likely a Steelhead around 20Lb. In total our second week turned out very good in spite of the cold weather and low water conditions we have here at the Skeena this Spring. However all in the group had a good laugh and a lot of fun last week. We at Salmon Junkies have enjoyed so much our stay here together with our friends and partners from Nicholas Dean Outdoors and Pioneer lodge, that we find it very difficult to know that we only have 4 days left here in Steelhead heaven. Right now it is raining here at the lower Skeena, so we expect a big push of fish during the next days. Stay tuned for more Steelhead news.

DSCN0495 2




Skeena – Low and clear

April 3rd, 2014 - steffen

DSCN0488 The first part of our second week here at the Skeena has finished. This week we have been blessed with far warmer and pleasant weather than last week. During the daytime we have been fortuned with temperatures from 5 – 14 degrees, and a couple of days it has been very sunny and nice – wonderful after last week cold gales and freezing temperatures. Obviously we have less fish in the river compared to last year bonanza. However we get daily some really nice Steelies that challenge our skill and gear. Yesterday Franco Sirtori and Arne Kristensen went to Kalum river rafting downstream. During the day they hook 14 Steelhead, but they didn’t manage to land any of them – Holy smoke Steelhead can be a challenging mental game. Biggest Steelhead so far has been Franco Sirtori´s super monster Steelhead from 3rd April. The fish was measured to 107,5 cm and estimated by “Old time guide” Scott Young to be plus 30Lb. Franco Sirtori has been fishing Skeena and its tributaries many times, so personally I´m not surprised that Franco manage to get a trophy fish like this – It was truly well deserved catch. The rest of our 8 rods group has been doing fine as well. The weather forecast has promise rain during the next days – Just what we need, so stay tuned for more news from Steelhead paradise here at the mighty Skeena.


The Dude himself Mr Scott Young with Franco Sirtori´s monster Steelhead