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First autumn midweek report 2014 – umba

August 19th, 2014 - kaare


Here is our first autumn mid week report from our beloved river Umba. It has been an action packed week so far and there are salmon everywhere. The river is running perfect – 16 c – which means magnificent Krivetz is a true salmon paradise. Especially, Office Pool and Pine Pool and Golden Pool have been very productive. Peter Kjær from Denmark picked up 13 Salmon on his second day visiting those wonderful pools. Biggest fish was 15 Lbs, what an accomplishment and it gets better Peter have never caught a salmon before on the fly, WAUW!

So far we have an average of 10 salmon per rod which is simply fantastic. 11 salmon between 10-14 Lbs, 8 salmon between 15-19 Lbs and 1 x 24 Lbs. Last mentioned whopper was caught by Søren Godtfredsen from Denmark, a BIG welcome to the 20 Lbs Club and of course celebrated with lots of Vodka!

Today it has rained quite a lot which is even more promising for the days to come. “Best” flies Red Butt, The Undertaker, Billy Butt and the up and coming Podolsky Fly.

Stay tuned for more reports, shortly!

All the best,

Kåre Lundquist




A new autumn season at wonderful Umba is now just a short “Spey cast” away

August 12th, 2014 - steffen


Our long Autumn season at Umba are just a few short Spey casts away now. Camp Manager Igor Kryzhopolskiy mailed me yesterday, telling that Umba river are running with a perfect water level. We at Salmon Junkies feel confident that we are ready for a long and wonderful autumn season. For all the many Salmon Junkies traveling with us this fall, I want to say, that we really look forward to meeting all of you wonderful guys again – Good old friends as well as newcomers. I can assure you, that we at Salmon Junkies will do our best to provide you with an unforgettable and wonderful fishing trip to the best Atlantic salmon autumn fishing. Salmon Junkies will of course keep our web page updated with midweeks  / full weeks reports. So please stay tuned during the entire season from middle of August until middle of October on

We at Salmon Junkies are constantly trying to offer the best and less expensive High-class salmon fishing in the world. A Billion thanks for your BIG support. Without YOU, there would be no Salmon Junkies – Just Junkies.

The Pools of Krivetz and Umba River

August 8th, 2014 - steffen


Soon our intensive and long fall season starts at river Umba. For the many new comers, as well for the many trusty “Umba old timers” I want to post “The pool of Umba” description.


The walk upstream from Junction pool to the top of the Krivetz stretch, i.e. Golden pool takes about 50 minutes on an easy and scenic trail. It takes approx 20 minutes to walk to first pool upstream, Office pool.  Salmon Junkies recommend you bring a small backpack when fishing the Krivetz. Some people prefer to walk in ordinary trousers and sport shoes.


Fishing the Krivetz section

  • Golden Run: A 300 yard stretch from Lake Poncho down to Golden Pool; it is fished from both banks – a more beautiful place is difficult to find. A real hot spot during the entire season.
  • Golden Pool:  Pretty easily waded and fished from both banks, as well as from our wooden boat. A one-and-a-half mile stretch of river with fish throughout. Every season we catch some of the biggest salmon in Golden pool
  • Stick Pool: 400 meters downstream Golden Pool on the right side. A difficult pool to locate and reach without help from your guide. A great spot that gives the best possible swing and a chance for big fish
  • Nick’s pool: 200 meters down stream Stick pool. Nick’s pool is easy to cover, but don’t wade to deep. Cast square and fish the pool down to the inlet of Long pool. Nick’s Pool can be fished from both banks. The left side can be difficult to wade as you have to wade deep. Nick’s pool always holds fish from May until November.
  • Long Pool: This is the largest pool on the Krivetz river, 500 yards long, and about a 25 minutes walk downstream the tent camp. It is fished from both banks, and it has a great spot for a riverside lunch. You have to wade deep some places. Let you guide show where to start and where to end.
  • Little Red Pool: A 40 yard stretch of water, 10 minute walk upstream from Island Pool. Both bank works fine. Always worth a try…
  • Island Pool: A 25 minutes walk upstream from Junction Pool. A very good pool with 150 yards of fishable water. The Island is reached by wading or by boat.
  • Christer’s corner: Opposite Island pool – short casts towards the Pool inlet and wading down until you are opposite the top part of the island.
  • Pine pool: 300 meters upstream from Island pool left bank of Krivetz – A great running pool for big salmon
  • Office Pool: This pool is the first pool after some very long and hard rapids and is truly one of the very best Atlantic salmon pools in the world. A 20 minutes walk from Junction Pool. Office can be fished from both banksFishing the Umba River section


Photo essay from Grand Varzuga and Umba by Andreas Witt

August 4th, 2014 - steffen


Master photographer and Salmon Junkie Andreas Witt from Switzerland, have just mailed me an outstanding series of Photos from his June weeks at Grand Varzuga and Umba this season. Thanks for sharing your fantastic photos with us Andreas. (more…)

Four “Must have “ flies for the upcoming Autumn season at Umba

July 30th, 2014 - steffen


The Cascade salmon fly pattern has caught thousands of fish in recent years and has become one of the most successful flies for Atlantic salmon. Fishing one the many Famous Russian Salmon river it is a  “Must” to have in the “ammunition box”. I estimate that the Cascade fly score more than 60 percent of our total catch at the Grand Varzuga

The Cascade can produce fish in almost any conditions and at any time of year. In the summer tiny flies tied on size 12 hooks or even smaller doubles will take fish in the lowest water. When the water is higher or colder, larger sizes or single, double up to size 2. For really high and cold water tube fly versions tied on plastic, aluminum or brass tubes are successful from the earliest days of spring and again for very late autumn fishing.

The Cascade

  • Tail: Hot Orange & Yellow Bucktail with clear Krystal hair.

  • Body: Silver medium oval tinsel rib.

  • Wing: Black Fox, maybe with some silver Krystal Hair blended into the wing.

  • Collar hackles: yellow & hot orange.

  • Head: black thread or varnish
  • Hook: Double hook 6 – 8


The Boyo fly – by Umba veteran Illtyd Griffiths (more…)