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Affordable June fishing in Umba river

January 30th, 2015 - steffen


Umba – The magical salmon river that will enchant your soul and forever remain in your heart

Few Salmon Rivers on the Kola Peninsula, or in the world for that matter, have had such a spellbinding and deeply felt effect on Salmon anglers from all over the world. For many of them it has almost become a lifelong love affair and you may witness hardened and weather-beaten anglers become all “mushy”, when they reflect and talk about Umba. Such is the character of this river and there are really very few places left in this world like it.

Each part of the season has its magic along this wonderful forest river on the sunny side of Kola. And silver-dressed salmon lies in its many demanding pools from early May until the end of October.

The Umba river system has something like five different salmon runs each year and some of these consist of fish specially “designed” (pumped up in protein) to spend almost 2 years in the river before returning to sea! An incredible feat actually – homage and respect to the salmon.

The majestic lodge at the Umba river was built in year 2000, and is as a top luxury fishing lodge. Comfortable rooms with private bathroom and a large veranda, where you can overlook the river.

There are rivers on the Kola Peninsula, where you have the chance of catching higher numbers of smaller fish – but the unique mix of quantity-size and quality, i.e. ocean fresh fish, that you will find on in Umba is unparalleled!

Check out what Summer fishing in Umba is all about –

Still some few available rods in prime summer weeks 2015

30/5 – 6/6 – 4 open rods

6/6 – 13/6 – 3 open rods

13/6 – 20/6 – 4 open rods

Gigantic Steelhead.

January 29th, 2015 - steffen


Skeena river is known as the most significant Steelhead river in BC. We at Salmon Junkies have tailored one of the most awesome steelhead programs on the market, where you will be able to fish the lower Skeena mainstem and select tributaries in a full 6-day package – not the usual 5 days package – this in company of some of the best and most hardcore Canadian steelhead guides available.

All steelhead heading the well-known tributaries like the Barbine, Bulkley, Morice, Kispiox and Sustut have to move through these water. Fishing for these magnificent fish in the lower river, where they are fresh from the ocean, is the ultimate steelhead experience. The relatively low flows of late winter and early spring give the fly fisher access to classic runs, riffles and flat-water glides that are typically obscured by the higher, glacial flows of summer and fall. Here you will fish endless shallow water runs and miles of perfect flywater, and you can be sure that the first fly these fish see will be yours. This is your chance at the largest steelhead in the Skeena system at a time when they are in their best condition straight from the ocean. The biggest steelhead we landed in 2014 was a fabulous 30lb Chromer by Franco Sirtori

For guiding and outfitting services in our steelhead program, we have partnered with award-winning Nicholas Dean Outdoors. Based in Terrace and named Fly Fusion Magazine’s Canadian Lodge of the Year for 2012, NDO features a roster of guides whose knowledge of local rivers and fish are unrivaled in the area. Accordingly, NDO enjoys a well-earned, loyal following of spring steelhead anglers. We are confident that our guests will find their work to be exemplary.

Please check out our small steelhead film from Skeena

Join us this spring, and grab one of the last available rods in 2015

One rod available 21/3 – 28/3

Two rods available 4/4 – 11/4

For more info please contact

The best stick to put the wood to a hot Salmon

January 27th, 2015 - steffen


As two-handed casters, we search for that one rod that can do it all. A rod that can chuck heavy sink-tips and turn over big juicy flies in the early season, and still feel groovy and easy going with a floating line and a small fly. A rod that can handle a big hot chrome fish, but will still feel fun with a 5 pound summer fish. A rod that won’t punish you when your casting sucks (everyone’s casting sucks from time to time), but throws into the horizon when you’re on. Does this rod exist? NO

Longer rods in the 14 foot + range make it easier to make longer casts with heavy tips – On the other hand, shorter rods are much better for fighting big fish and fighting a bright 20 pound salmon on a 15 foot rod is no fun for anyone. If you had to choose just one “do everything” Spey rod, it would more than likely be a eight weight. With that said, there are a few things to consider when purchasing your next Spey rod.

To begin with, how big are the fish you intent to chase? A eight weight Spey rod will easily handle big chrome salmon in the 10 to 20 pound range. Matched with the proper line, a eight can handle anything from floating lines to heavy sink-tips. However, if you plan on fishing windy rivers with large salmon, you can easily get under-gunned with a eight weight. On some rivers, hooking a 15 to 20 pound fish is an everyday reality. You’d be better off using nine to ten weight rod. Furthermore, if your faced with fishing conditions that require throwing really heavy sink-tips and big tube-flies, an nine to ten makes it easier. The length of a rod equates to casting distance. Simply put, the longer the rod, the longer the cast. The shorter the rod, the more finesse it tight casting conditions.

A good all around length is 12′6 to 13’6. This kind of rod will allow the caster to reach a lot of water without fatigue over a long day of fishing. However, there are times where a longer or shorter rod comes in handy. For example, if you primarily fish large rivers that require really long casts, a fourteen rod can be the right tool.

Action can be best described by how deep the rod flexes during a cast. A slow action rod bends well into the butt section during the casting stroke. This allows the caster to really feel the rod load. A slower action stick is great for casting with limited back casting space because the rod loads with minimal D-loop or back cast speed. The disadvantage is you cant generate as fast of line speed as a quicker action rod. Furthermore, it is more difficult to lift heavy sink-tips and large flies out of the water. With that said, some hard core Spey casting gurus, loves full flexing rods. You just need to take your time with slower action two-handers.

A medium action rod will suite most average casters the best. The caster can still feel the rod load with a medium action, while faster line speeds can be obtained. Medium action rods will handle a wide range of casting strokes and line types.

Fast action rods are for the angler that demands high line speed from their weapon. While most folks will struggle with a fast rod, expert casters can command the water with one. That isn’t to say that all experts use fast rods. More times than not, most advanced casters still lean towards a medium to medium fast sticks. Obviously, action preference is a personal choice. There is no right or wrong, only what fits your casting stroke and fishing demands the best.


Salmon Junkies Spey rod recommendation for Grand Varzuga and Umba river

Grand Varzuga: Varzuga has probably one of the biggest run of salmon in the world. Most of the fishing is done by floating line and smaller flies size 4 – 8. Grand Varzuga Salmon are super strong fighters, and represent some of the strongest fighting salmon in the world. An 10 – 14 pounds Varzuga salmon can stip you for 50 – 100 meter of backing in a split second. For Grand Varzuga we recommed a 11’ ½” – 13’ ½” ”– for a 7 – 8 line.

Umba: Most of the pools along Umba river are surrounded by forest so the wind is normally not a big issue here. The Krivetz River, at the upper section of the Umba, is a fast part of the river with strong currents and strenuous wading on slippery boulders. A day in Krivetz will feed your wettest salmon dreams about the ‘perfect river’. Krivetz is a demanding ‘chase for silver’ and suited to the experienced and committed angler who is prepared to battle for a Salmon. A +20 pounds Umba salmon are extremely strong and you need a rod with some backbone. At Umba you will have good chances for double figure catches and some of the ‘Umba whoppers’ can be 15 to 30 lbs of bright, sparkling fresh run salmon. Most of the fishing in Umba is done by floating line and smaller flies size 4 – 8. For Umba we recommend a 12 ½”- 14´– for a 7 – 9 line

Have fun out there

Fair priced Skeena River Summer Camp

January 20th, 2015 - steffen


A unique opportunity: fish the Skeena from sunup to sundown for the biggest Salmon and Steelhead on the planet. Simply put, British Columbia’s Skeena River is a superfish superhighway — a thoroughfare for the largest Salmon & Steelhead in the world. In summer and fall the lower main channel Skeena hosts vast numbers of migrating Chinook, Steelhead Coho, Sockeye, Chums and Pinks headed for numerous upriver tributaries. To take full advantage of this prolific fishery and offer a high-quality, high-value fishing adventure – for both novice and seasoned anglers alike – Salmon Junkies offers an on-river Skeena Camp Package in 2015.

Why the Skeena Summer Camp?

Why the Skeena Camp?  Because you can hook into and sometimes land big, bright fish like this.  Jeff Bright bested this 18 lb buck after a long, dogged fight that took him well into the backing.  Strong rods, heavy gauge hooks and tippets down to 20 or even 25 lbs are common tools required to land these fish.

Coho salmon – an incredible game fish in their own right – start to show up frequently on the Skeena in late July/early August.  Aggressive, high flying and acrobatic, these fish average 8 to 15 lbs and often fight so hard they’re mistaken for Steelhead. If there’s one thing that may have jumped out at you by looking at these photos, it’s likely the brightness of the fish.  That’s because they’re arguably some of the freshest, strongest Salmon and Steelhead you’ll ever encounter – anywhere!  Fish with sea lice are a daily occurrence, so you know these fish aren’t far from the salt.  And, they act accordingly…


Detailed description of the program: (more…)

Cold Russian winter

January 19th, 2015 - steffen


I have just received a bunch of wonderful photos from Umba camp manager Igor Kryzhopolskiy. The weather on the Southern Kola coast is very cold right now with temperatures down to Minus 25 – 30 degrees Celsius, and with a good snowpack in the backcountry. At Varzuga it has been down to 36 degrees Celsius



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