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Salmon Junkies withdraw from Umba

February 12th, 2016 - steffen


Dear Salmon Junkie

It is with great sadness that I send out this News Letter, as I normally want to take this opportunity to share wonderful moments from the riverbank and suggest future great opportunities to you.

In late fall I heard a rumour that our Russian partner at Umba (and Grand Varzuga) was about to sell Umba Lodge. I received no warning that this was about to happen and if the sale went ahead it would jeopardise Salmon Junkies’ long-term contract at Umba.
I commenced discussions with the Russian landlord and, over the last few months, I have tried extremely hard to find out whether this rumour was true. Despite all my efforts to secure a firm future for Salmon Junkies at Umba regrettably I have not received any assurance from the Russians that the lodge is not to be sold. I have also had no firm commitment from them that they would honour our existing lease. There was a real danger that the lodge might be closed without warning.

As I am sure you will appreciate I simply could not trust my Russian partner anymore. Without trust or any firm binding assurances any program I ran on Umba or Varzuga would always likely to be at serious risk. The end result is that after 25 years in Russia I felt obliged to abandon the Russian fishing programs. Although this has been a very difficult and almost impossible decision to reach, Salmon Junkies had no choice but to stop our Russian ventures.

My intention has always been to sell high quality products. In this regard I am just not prepared to sacrifice the loyalty and trust of so many valued clients . Salmon Junkies has of course already returned all deposits and balances that had been paid for the 2016 season.
I cannot describe in words how this situation grieves me. However after receiving ONLY encouraging letters from all our many guests over the last couple of weeks I feel reassured that it was the only correct and responsible decision to make.
In addition to that I want to give a sincere heartfelt thanks to all our 2016 travellers for your extraordinary support. I also want to direct special appreciation to the many who converted their Russian trip to one of our BC trips in 2016. I owe a great deal to all of you guys – without loyal guests there is no company.

Salmon Junkies will of course move on, and fortunately there are still a lot of other wonderful places for the dedicated Salmon Junkie to cover with a Spey rod.

Right now the upcoming season in BC seems only a short “Spey cast” away! If you want to join us pursuing what are among the largest and strongest Salmon and Steelhead and on the planet, we still have a number of attractive openings during Spring, Summer and Fall, and for the 2017 season we have some very interesting programs in the pipeline.

For the Salmon Junkie chasing the strongest and most challenging fresh water fish in the world, Salmon Junkies have a wide variety of programs, that will continue to deliver the desired “Salmon Junkie Karma” that has become an established benchmark for so many dedicated anglers worldwide.

I hope that I can rely on your continued and valued support in the future and I look forward to reacquainting with many old friends as well as meeting new ones this coming season.

Best wishes


“One cast can change your day…….Maybe your life”

Hoh Bo Spey Series – As tied by Charles St. Pierre

February 11th, 2016 - steffen


This is a super fly that could be fished on the swing for steelhead and salmon year round. Named after two legendary Pacific Northwest steelhead rivers and influenced by numerous northwest “Intruder” fly variations this fly was designed with a full calendar years worth of fishing in mind. The ease with which this fly is cast along with its effectiveness and the variations of the depth control needed to fish effectively throughout the fishing year make it an ideal fly to fish for steelhead and salmon nearly anywhere at anytime.

Tied on a 25 mm shank with a short looped trailer hook and using a blend of natural and synthetic fly tying material, you will have a great fly that is easy to tie and easy to cast. Finally – if you are thinking of starting to tie your own steelhead flies, the Hoh bo fly is a great one to begin with.

Notice: The photo above show the Pink Hoh Bo fly Franco Sirtori caught his 30Lb Skeena Steelhead in April 2014

The Hoh bo Fly

Shank: Partridge Waddington shank or a single hook shank

Thread: Black

Connection: 30lb fire wire – Make sure the look isn´t longer that the hook just can pass through the loop

Butt: Orange, Black, Blue or other colors

Body: Dubbing Orange, Blue or other colors

Hackle: Jumbo guinea in different colour combinations

Collar: Marabou in different colour combinations. Please notice: Max. two turns of Marabou

Horns: Lady Amherst

Flash: Flashabou or Crystal flash

Hook: Octopus or Gamagatsu #2 or #4


Franco Sirtori´s monster Steelhead caught April 2014 at Skeena on the fly shown in the top Photo

Our Voodoo man at Skeena Kaid Teubert shares his deepest and darkest secret with you!

February 8th, 2016 - steffen


Hey Steffen. This fly is a really great all around pattern that can be tied in any size, weight, colour combination imaginable. I use these patterns because of ease of tie and the vast amount of options you can add or leave out.

There are 2 variations in the attached photo but both use the same simple layering. The recipe outlines from back of tube or shank forward. I prefer to tie them this way, as it is fast and efficient.

“Taubert´s secret”

Tube or shank (I used 1′ stainless steel sleeved tubes or thin plastic tube ½” – 1 ½ “)

Optional dumbbell eyes (tied on opposite side of tube than rabbit strip, bring a variety of weights)

Uv polar chenille

Flash of choice

Rabbit strip (cut thin!) or marabou ( not shown in pic)

Optional rhea or ostrich

Optional saddle hackles

Neck hackle, schlappen or marabou angler preference

Optional egg! (Red, orange, peach)

End note: Make sure to properly cut and prep feathers (marabou,rabbit strips, schlappen, neck hackles), This will ensure a non blob like fly. Don’t over due the marabou!, when dealing with rabbit strip flies you want to see the hypnotizing movement of that tail. Be mindful that excess Uv polar chenille, creates buoyancy.

Tight line

A Billion thanks for sharing Kaid

How a Steelhead junkie gears up

February 5th, 2016 - steffen


In early spring, visitors to the lower Skeena valley can expect typical daytime temperatures to range from 0–12 C, with everything from bright sunshine to snowflakes possible; the region is part of a vast coastal rainforest and weather patterns can vary dramatically from day to day, and even hour to hour. With this being the case, your clothing strategy should be based on a four-layer system. By utilizing a system of layers, anglers can adapt to changing temperatures and weather patterns and be prepared for any of Mother Nature’s moods. Here is a suggested formula for maximum comfort and flexibility:

Clothing and Waders – A Four-Layer System

Layer 1: Begin with a synthetic or merino wool wicking-type base layer that breathes and removes moisture from the skin — very important for maintaining comfort and/or warmth for the entire body. Base layer underwear and socks can be found in three weights: light, medium and expedition. According to your individual metabolism and the stated temperature range, choose the weight best for you. Most guests will comfortable with medium or expedition weight during this season. Garments include: long-sleeved shirts/pullovers, long underwear, and wicking socks.

Layer 2: The second or alternative layer should be a medium weight fleece or wool sweater/zippered pullover. For your feet, choose SmartWool, heavy fleece or expedition weight merino wool socks. This layer is an insulating layer that provides warmth for your upper body and feet. Garments include: sweater/zippered pullover and heavy socks. (more…)

As good as it gets – Skeena / Fall 2016

February 3rd, 2016 - steffen


2 available rods 3 – 10 September

Looking for the quintessential British Columbia angling experience? If so, this is your great chance. You will fish a number of wild rivers, including the remote and intimate upper Copper, a true steelhead Mecca. We’ll swing wet flies and, with favorable conditions, fish dries. Fall-run Skeena steelhead are free-rising and will readily pounce on a waking fly — undoubtedly one of the greatest thrills in fly-fishing. This adventure also features the exciting opportunity to fish select lower Skeena streams. And – depending on flows, the scenic Kasiks, Exchamsiks and Exstew. Great if you could join us!

For more info please mail

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