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Echoes from the Valley

September 20th, 2016 - steffen


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Enchanted with the big and powerful Sea run Char

September 8th, 2016 - steffen

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August 19th, 2016 - steffen


Salmon Junkies hosted weeks in prime period January

Las Buitreras 2017

D. 7 – 14 Jan. – 10 rods

D. 14 – 21 Jan. – 10 rods

The matchless Rio Gallegos meanders more than 360km through desolate pampa wastelands before if finally merges into the raging Atlantic Ocean close to the straight of Magellan. In its ineffable beauty a journey worth itself, it becomes the cynosure of dedicated anglers worldwide as soon as the winter ice melts to expose the rivers so sought after Sea-run Brown trout. While their sheer size of up to 30lb+ leaves anglers and spectators alike overwhelmed, it’s their raging temper beyond compare that feeds the addiction of getting connected to these fish. Believe me when saying that no place you will find stronger and more broadsided Sea Trout than in Rio Gallegos. Las Buitreras lodge is home to the most productive beats on the Rio Gallegos, consisting of over 40 kilometers of both sides private water comprising over 50 named pools!

The Las Buitreras section of this stunning river is our own little chrome treasure and once it grab holds of you it never lets go. The fishing is exciting and varied with pools ranging from deep stony runs to cut banks and streamy shingle flats. Relatively shallow, the river makes for easy wading, obviating the need for fast sinking lines and creating an exciting and challenging fishing environment. Fishing is mainly done using 7 or 8 weight single hand rods OR light double hand rods in weight 6, 7 or 8. Floating or slow intermediate lines are the most used and efficient lines but it can be good to bring some sink tips as back up.


Estancia Las Buitreras offers a perfect blend between luxury and rustic atmosphere. The very comfortable estancia is located a 10 minute walk from the river offering a wind protected haven from the wind plagued open plains of Patagonia. The 6 double and 2 single-bed rooms are all equipped with private bathrooms with showers for your comfort and convenience. The lodge holds a wine cellar with a fantastic selection from the Mendoza and San Juan regions. Outside there is a huge veranda, perfect for the after fishing beer or glass wine, a spacious courtyard that is protected from the wind, and a large, stone grill and terrace for assado’s (barbeques). Beer and the high quality locally produced House wine is included in the lodge rate. Evenings are often spent in the very spacious lounge area where you will be served the beverage of your choice, along with food and snacks while sharing todays and probably some old but gold fishing episodes with your fellow guests. Wi-FI is available in the lodge 8 am to 6 pm every day.

Price 5950 USD per rod 6 days fishing / 7 nights accommodation, all meals, airport pickup/drop off in Rio Gallegos

2017 Dates for our two prime weeks

D. 7 – 14 Jan. – 10 rods

D. 14 – 21 Jan. – 10 rods

For more information please contact

If you´re looking for the biggest Sea run brown trout in the world I guarantee that Las Buitreras won’t disappoint you. The program contains everything a dedicated Spey Junkie is dreaming about – Let´s go guys.


The Biggest Sea run Char in the world – a guarded secret for a very limited number of rods

August 11th, 2016 - steffen


Fishing the Ekaluk is a yearly event and a guarded secret for a number of repeat guests from all over the world.

The Ekaluk is perhaps the most prolific fishery available to the traveling spey geek today. During a short few weeks, well in excess of 80.000 silver bright fish (DFO Statistics). in absolute prime condition enter the Ekaluk river. Some of the Char can reach 25 – 30Lb.

The overall experience is rare and remarkable — so much more than a fishing trip; an adventure every serious fly-swinger should put on their must-do-at-least-once list. This season Columbus Leth will join us our teams and during October / November Salmon Junkies will release a film from this unique and pristine place.

Going for the Green Water

2017 booking open for the biggest and strongest Salmon in the world

August 4th, 2016 - steffen


Chinook: Salmon Junkies offer the best Chinook weeks where you will be able to fish Skeena mainstem and select tributaries also in a full 6-day package, in company of some of the best and most hardcore BC guides available. In our search for the Biggest fresh Chinook Salmon in the world we target Classified water like Kalum, Copper, together with Skeena and Kitimat rivers for Chinook averaging 20 to 50 pounds and ranging up to 80 pounds, and beyond. (The biggest Skeena Chinook have been known to reach 100 pounds!). The Classified Copper river is a classic, mid-sized fly fishing stream with miles of great swinging water and boulder and cobble runs. The Copper hosts a prolific run of Chinooks and extremely hot early returning Summer-Run Steelhead. The Kalum (also Classified water) is a mid-sized river that holds fish tight to its seams and offers a chance at truly large Chinook beyond 50 pounds. The Kitimat is a small to mid-sized river with cobble and gravel pools well-suited to swinging flies Fishing for these powerful fish please make sure you bring a serious fly reel with min 300 meters of fresh backing line or be ready to have your butt kicked hard.

What to expect

Besides having the hottest, strongest Chinook in the world, there is so much to describe that is part of the total experience at the Skeena. We hope that we with our small films will give you a flavor of what to expect from this remarkable place.

Please also check our latest News letter

Open rods – Prime weeks 2017

24/6 – 1/7 – 3 open rods

1/7 – 8/7 – 2 open rods

8/7 – 15/7 – 3 open rods

For more information please contact Steffen Juhl –


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