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Spey warriors a la “Scandi”

December 17th, 2014 - steffen


Salmon Junkies are very happy to announce that Danish Jimmy Lauridsen and Swedish Mark Leander will join our guide team at Grand Varzuga in 2015.

Jimmy Lauridsen and Mark Leander belongs both to the inner circle of the Scandinavian Salmon nerd community, and we can guarantee that a day in their company will “Knocks your socks off”.


Salmon Heaven

December 17th, 2014 - steffen


Grand Varzuga 2015

Join us to rewarding and famous Varzuga River – one of the most prolific and exciting salmon rivers in the world. Salmon Junkies has an exclusive long-term lease on more than 30 km of the most attractive and enjoyable salmon fishing on the Kola Peninsula. This charming section of river gives access to the most prestigious and remote part of Varzuga, from the Yzia tributary down to the junction with Pana River = 30 Km of fast rapids sections and kilometres of prime fly water for only 10 rods weekly

The Grand Varzuga camp accommodates up to 10 guests in single rooms over five cabins. There is a central shower and washing block, plus a cosy centrally placed dinning house with a veranda overlooking the river.

Grand Varzuga is located about 15 km upstream of the Pana tributary. Here the river is medium sized at 30 to 65 metres wide with kilometres of fast runs and awesome fly water. The biggest Varzuga salmon are actually ‘designed’ to reach this part of the river, and each season we land several salmon up to Twenty pounds (Scaled and registered)

The Grand Varzuga beat is so remote you will feel you have finally come to ‘salmon heaven’! Close to the camp there is plenty of good fly fishing water.

Join Salmon Junkies on our new Varzuga program and you could learn more about Atlantic salmon fishing in one week than you will in a lifetime of fishing Norwegian or Scottish rivers. Average catch per rod 23 – 27 Salmon per rod.

Grand Varzuga travel itinerary: This is how you will spend your week in Grand Varzuga

  • Sunday/Day 1: Pick up service at your Hotel in Murmansk at 12.00 a.m. Following a 2 hour bus journey to Kirovsk airport, you will take a 50 minute helicopter flight to Grand Varzuga. Sunday evening fishing will take place 1–4 km upstream from the camp under a schedule directed by the camp manager.
  • Monday/Day 2:Salmon fishing – Grand Varzuga
  • Tuesday/Day 3: Salmon fishing – Grand Varzuga
  • Wednesday/Day 4: Salmon fishing – Grand Varzuga
  • Thursday/Day 5: Salmon fishing – Grand Varzuga
  • Friday/Day 6: Salmon fishing – Grand Varzuga
  • Saturday/Day 7: Salmon fishing – Grand Varzuga
  • Sunday/Day 8: Return to Murmansk via Kirovsk Airport, arriving Murmansk in the afternoon.

Open rods 2015

24/5 – 31/5 – 3 open rods

14/6 – 21/6 – 4 open rods

We feel confident that our Grand Varzuga program represents some of the most interesting and cheapest salmon fishing on the Kola Peninsula.

For more information please mail

Varzuga 2014 Salmon Release 2

Concidering a new Spey Line

December 16th, 2014 - steffen

In this video Simon Gawesworth clarifies the Spey Line mystery in an understandable way.

The Farlex Reel Story by By Tim Gelinas

December 11th, 2014 - steffen


When I started steelhead fishing in the late 90’s I was bought-and-sold by the fly fishing industry’s marketing machine. It was and still is in many ways a machine that offers a message of image and not one of user experience. The message of the image was you need brand X, Y and Z and you will be successful. What that message/image over-markets is that somehow brand is the experience; nothing could be further from the truth.

I was able to discover through experience the nuance and tactile nature one will never get through the marketing machine. When I started fishing for Steelhead and Salmon I was using single handed fly rods much as I had done in my trout fishing days. It didn’t take long to become frustrated while casting sinktips and weighted flies; as typical trees and brush were often in the way. I was introduced to Spey/Doubled hand rods, at first, I was resistant to the change but it didn’t take long to realize that I could make long cast with restricted room and I could fish for days on end without the fatigue of casting a single hand rod.

Just like transitioning from a single hand rod to a Spey/Double handed rod there was a learning curve on the reels. What is marketed for Steelhead and Salmon are large reels most often with drags whether cork, composite or other; they are usually overkill. It took me some time to realize that drags, when set too tight, often popped the fish instantly or over the course of a battle, or to light and the reel would free spool resulting in a mess. What I found was the drag needed to be just tight enough to prevent the reel from free spooling on a hot running fish. In the process of this experience I was introduced to Hardy gear-and-pawl(GP) reels and immensely enjoyed the tactile experience, the noise the reel made on a hot running fish really added to the experience. Also, it became obvious that the GP reels were adequate to prevent free spool. Secondarily, most modern reels are large arbor and typically 5” in diameter, I find these larger diameter reels to be a bit annoying during certain cast like the double spey and snake roll as they create some undesirable axial pendulum action to the cast. My preference is a more compact wider reel that minimizes the effect. (more…)

The Universal Jock Scott by Thorsten Strüben

December 11th, 2014 - steffen

Jock Scott 2

The Jock Scott

Tag: Holographic golden and orange Flatbraid

Tail: Fluo fiber in gold

Body: first half/ Future Fly Signature Dubbing in fluo Yellow. Second half/ Peacock Ice Dubbing

Ribbing: golden Holographic Tinsel

Throat: black Soft Hackle followed by a Common Guineafowl

Wing: Future Fly Marble Fox in followed colors: yellow / red / blue and fire brown

Sides: Jungle Cock

Head: Future Fly Ufo Disc  8 mm black

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