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Umba Full Week report

September 21st, 2014 - kaare


Low water condition and less salmons entered Umba this week. Weather looks much better this week = rain and cooler temperature. Nevertheless, last week did produce 52 salmons with 14 between 10-14 Lbs, 2 salmon between 15-19 Lbs and 3 super chromers between 20-24 Lbs. The two brothers Eskild and Lars Dam Nielsen (Umba veterans from Denmark) caught 18 salmon with the biggest of 20 Lbs, A BIG welcome to the 20 Lbs Club. Lars managed to catch on of the salmon in Rat Channel, which is a very difficult place to catch a salmon, well done.

Umba verean Petri Teleranta – Finland –  caught some very nice chromers too, but at one point ran out of luck with a monster lost in Nicks Pool. The salmon jumping all over but after some real intense minutes the fly simply lost its grip. Robert Layton – from UK – caught a real hot fresh whopper of 20 Lbs in Office Pool, not the most easiest wading pool, well done.

Best flies this week; Red Butt, Billy Butt, Cascade, Podolsky and Snelda. Water temperature = 12c.

This autumn has been challenging however some really big fish has been caught this season, weather does seem to improve now and we hope for normal autumn condition. We usually encounter some really BIG fish the last weeks of October so we are all very excited whats is in store the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more  reports, shortly.

All the best,

Kåre Lundquist


Umba full week report

September 14th, 2014 - kaare


Junkies Vodka-89

20 Lbs Club red hat party, summarizes this week, this despite the warm weather with sun from morning to evening and temperatures around +20c, which is quite unusual this time of year. All rods have produced BIG fish so a great week for all our guests. Umba veteran of them all, Illtyd Griffiths – from Wales – landed 4 over 20 Lbs  - and lost a big one – on his own very special Boyo fly.

Umba veteran Jamie Tabor –  from UK –  landed the biggest fish of the week =  a beautiful 24 Lbs Chromer.  Benjamin Domange – from France – caught 2 x 20 Lbs – and lost 2 same seize and both salmon emptied his reel in just matter of seconds. This weeks highlight came from  Benjamin Domange 83 year old father who caught 22 Lbs Whopper in  Doc Pool, well done:) Biggest Salmon this week;  16 between 10-14 Lbs, 8 between 15-19 Lbs and 11 between 20-24 Lbs.  Every night was big party night welcoming all new – and older members – to the 20 Lbs Club.

Most productive flies this week: Red Butt, Green Highlander, Boye, Silver Doc and Podolsky fly. Water temperature 13c and new team have arrived and if we could get the water temperature down to 10c then this would produce even bigger numbers, fingers crossed.

All the best,


Umba midweek report

September 10th, 2014 - kaare


Good push of Umba Whoppers this week despite the warm and quite unusual weather this time of year.  Every night we have celebrated new and old members joining the 20 Lbs Club. Umba veteran Jamie Tabor –  from UK –  landed 3 beautiful Umba salmon in just 2 days of 18 Lbs, 20 Lbs and 24 Lbs. All on a Silver Doc fly seize 6. Umba veteran of them all, Illtyd Griffiths – from Wales – landed 2 beauties the first bonus day and as always caught on his own very special – please read more below - Boyo fly.

Benjamin Domange – from France – fished Doc Pool yesterday  - from land – and hooked a super strong  who pulled him around for 10 nerve wrecking minutes, jumping all over, backing emptied for more than 300 m backing whereafter it decided to head for the White Sea. Again one of this fish you will never forget.  The fish were estimated to +25 Lbs, we will never know.

Biggest Salmon so far; 7 between 10-14 Lbs, 3 between 15-19 Lbs and 7 between 20-24 Lbs.  Most productive flies so far: Red Butt, Green Highlander, Boye (see picture), Silver Doc and Podolsky fly. Water temperature 14c and every minute enjoyed as Umba is slowly dressing in its characteristic Umba colors. An improvement from last week and we look ahead with great hope and optimism.



Illtyd Griffiths is a AAPGAI Master Fishing Instructor in both single handed (Trout/Sea trout) and double handed (salmon) disciplines. This is the most prestigious and difficult to attain qualification in the UK. Illtyd also share a deep passion for Umba river. A river he has fished fourteen times always with good result, maybe because he is almost always fishing his trusted Boyo fly. With permission from Illtyd, YOU have now a chance to fill your boxes for the upcoming season 2014 season with Illtyd Griffiths super fly – The Boyo fly

Dressing for Boyo:

Hook: Double 4,6,8,10 or 12 this fly is tied on a Salar Size 7

Tag: Oval silver

Back Body: Silver flat braid ribbed with oval silver

Mid Hackle: Orange hen or soft cock

Tail: Yellow and orange mixed Bucktail with a few strands of orange Flashabou Accent or similar.

Front Body: Black UV dubbing ribbed with oval silver.

Wing: Black bucktail or on smaller patterns Arctic Runner Hair

Front Hackles: Black and sunburst Yellow mixed hen or soft cock hackles

Cheeks: Jungle Cock tied below horizontal

Head: Black with band if fluorescent red thread.

Illtyd tells I used this fly first in the late 80’s for salmon having had problems with the tails on my Ally Shrimps wrapping round the hook. The method of tying helped to avoid this. I initially used this mainly on my home rivers in Wales and in Scotland with great success and for many years I kept it as a bit of a secret only sharing it with some close friends – who more often than not came back for more!

Since the late 90s I have used the fly extensively and to say I am now a three fly man is probably true for most of my salmon fishing this being the first “go to” fly. I have caught fish consistently on this fly all over the UK, Norway and in Russia.

This year on the Umba the conditions were as testing as I can remember in the all my fourteen visit there for a September week. We had very low water and high daily temperatures with no sign of clouds throughout the week. The water temperature at 13/14°C was very strange for Autumn and of course the fish were difficult to tempt. The Boyo again scored very well with one fish of more than 20lb and a number of others in the teens in the toughest week of the season!

Give this fly a go – I am sure you will enjoy it!

Illtyd Griffiths



Umba full week report

September 7th, 2014 - kaare

L1050783 kopi

Our third week will without a doubt be remembered for the 2 shiny whoppers caught by Per Hægquist (Sweden),   27.5  Lbs in Lower Rat Pool and 31 Lbs in Brad Pool. Besides these monsters Per landed 14 salmon where many were between 15 -19 Lbs. On top of all this Per had quite a bonanza in Krivetz one day where  he caught 6 fish and lost about the same number of fish. This was his first trip to Umba and we suspect not his last one:). 15 of the fish was caught on a home made Willie Gunn, seize 6. The 31 Lbs was caught on a Beiss fly, very famous in River Mörrum in Sweden. Per fished with the classical Umba combo, floating  line and a 10 ft fast sink poly leader.

Moreover, 55 salmon were caught, whereto 11 between 10-14 Lbs, 8 between 15-19 Lbs, 2 between 20-24 Lbs, 1 between 25-29 Lbs and one 31 Lbs. Best flies, Willie Gunn, Cascade, Billy Butt, Red But. Bill Crory from Ireland joined the 20 Lbs Club with a super chromer caught in Poachers Corner a BIG congratulation to Bill.

We haven’t had the BIG push yet as we normally do this time of year and will most likely happen any time soon now. The weather is still warm and we have between 13-23c and bright sun from morning to evening, not the best cocktail for salmon fishing. However, water temperature is dropping everyday now, so thats a good sign.

New group arrived yesterday and the extra bonus day in the Umba program resulted is some really nice fish. Umba veteran Illtyd Griffith caught a super chromer of 21 Lbs and David Birnage a super fresh 19 Lbs and Jean Domange lost a BIG one in Junction Pool. Sounds and feels promising…

I had to use the same photo again to celebrate Per Hægquist adventure in Umba 2014.

Stay tuned for more reports, shortly.

All the best,

Kåre Lundquist



Umba midweek report

September 4th, 2014 - kaare

L1050783 kopi

Per Hægquist from Sweden did it again and caught 27.5 Umba whopper today,  - super fresh – this just 2 days after he caught his 31 Lbs in Lower Rat Pool, This time it was in Brad Pool, fly = Willie Gun. These are the fresh photos just mailed to me. His bonanza continued today as he caught 6 fish ( biggest = 21, 16 and 16 Lbs) in Krivetz and lost the same number. Umba Lodge will rock Big time tonight, well done:).

L1050827 2

Having said that, fishing has slowed down and we hope this big push of fish will materialize rest of the week.

Stay tuned for more reports…

All the best,

Kåre Lundquist

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