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April 10th, 2012 - steffen

A new season is finally in the horizon and we are so exited to return to our Salmon Heaven on Kola Peninsula. For 2012 we are preparing a storyboard for 2 new full lengths movies (45 min) from Umba and Grand Varzuga and Columbus Leth will be behind the camera bossing us around. We are also in the editing room these days with a new short Steelhead movie from Oregon.

Right now its minus 15 – 20 C on the Southern part of Kola Peninsula, with a level of snow in the back country – That indicate that we will have a steady water flow this year and hopefully some fantastic fishing.

We have a few openings left. For lower budget, you should consider Grand Varzuga prime weeks (2 rods left), lots of “Hot action” and true adventure. Umba summer program, BIG fish, scenic and great fun. Higher budget, Ponoi lots of fish guaranteed, probably the best Homepool in the world.

Umba is known for its fantastic Autumn fishing, you don’t find many places in the world with such a strong Autumn run of big fish, very unique. But please take a look on what we discovered in June 2011….:

Hungry for Umba Whoppers?

Yet another short movie from Salmon Junkies which we hope you will enjoy! This is actually part 2 of Umba Summer Karma, the first summer movie we shot in May/June in Umba. This “movie” was shot while preparing for the 2011 season in Krivetz in between cleaning the tracks and just before the first guest arrived, lots of sweat and lots of fish. Our first two weeks in June 2011 produced a real good number of fish and a very high number of Umba Whoppers (large fish) so we are very excited about this coming season and for all of you going, you will have a blast!…..Hungry for some Umba Whoppers?

Please contact Steffen Juhl at

See you out there

Steffen & Kåre

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